Alumni Association Grant Program FY18

Welcome to the Alumni Association Grant Program Webpage! 



To fund locally generated programming and club initiatives focused clearly on reaching unengaged alumni to further the progress of the engagement aspect of the University of Chicago Campaign: Inquiry and Impact.


We define "unengaged alumni" as those alumni who have not engaged with the University over the course of the campaign. We categorize engagement into four areas: 

  1. Go: attend an event or meeting

  2. Give: make a financial gift to any area of the University

  3. Help: volunteer with an alumni club or affinity group, hire an alum, host an internship, etc.

  4. Connect: Participate in a virtual event such as a webinar, interact with the University on social media



All alumni from the University of Chicago are eligible to apply for grant funding provided they have conferred with local volunteers or alumni club leaders where applicable (for a list of club presidents and regional contacts, visit this website).



  • All proposals must be designed to reach unengaged alumni in the region 

  • Before writing and submitting a proposal, please use this link to view data on unengaged alumni so that you can craft programming designed to reach this group

  • Before completing your proposal, be prepared to explain how the proposed grant-funded program has uniquely taken into account the unengaged alumni demographic data and how it will be uniquely focused on engagement as a result  

  • Proposals should be submitted in consultation with the regional alumni club or regional contact. Club presidents and regional contacts can be viewed at this website

  • Proposals must include complete details of the program, including detailed budget of all associated costs (e.g., catering, A/V, space rental, tickets, etc.), venue details, and projected attendance

  • If grant funding is awarded, an online Grant Evaluation Form must be completed 14 days after the completion of the program

  • It is crucial that for all programming, attendance is taken and attendee lists are sent to your staff liaison after the program

  • If your program is dependent upon grant funding, please do not begin to advertise the program until the proposal is reviewed and approved--proposals for programs that have already been promoted will not be considered for funding

  • Proposals for programs that occur on an annual (or other frequency) basis, that have already happened, or that have already been promoted will not be considered for grant funding

  • If funding is awarded, funds must be used towards the program specified in the correlating proposal

  • Any awarded funding that is not utilized in a program (i.e. the program does not use the full grant amount) will remain in the Grant Program.

  • Any program proposed for grant funding must be scheduled and planned such that all grant funds supporting the program are spent before June 15, 2018

  • Please note that UChicago Affinity Groups have their own grants system which is seperate from this one. If you're a member of an Affinity Group and would like to apply for grant funds, please contact your staff liaison

  • We have provided an example of a successful BUDGET from a previously submitted (and approved) proposal here (PDF download)


  • Proposals are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year. To be considered for grant funding, proposals must be submitted by the 1st of each month, with the last proposals considered on May 1, 2018 .

  • Staff will review proposals at the start of each month, and decisions can be expected around the second week of each month through May. 

  • One of three possible decisions will be given for each reviewed proposal:

1. Approve: Hooray! Your proposal will be funded as is; please work with your staff liaison to work out payment details 

2. Deny: Sadly, your proposal will not be funded, as will be explained by the comments accompanying our reply. Please regroup, reconsider, and re-submit, if applicable. Possible reasons for denied proposals include (but are not limited to) the following:
-Program not focused on reaching unengaged alumni
-Program conflicts with regional club initiatives or programs
-Program has not been planned in consultation with other local volunteers 
-Program not feasible due to financial, staff, volunteer resource constraints 

 3. Re-submit with edits: We love where you’re going but need more information, or we need to see a few adjustments made before we can agree to fund your proposal. Please make edits and re-submit