Make your nomination stand out

Tips for nominating candidates for campus-wide leadership roles and awards

What makes a stand-out nomination?

There are many opportunities throughout the University to nominate peers, faculty, and students for awards and honors as well as leadership roles. While the merits of the candidate are central to the consideration of the selection committee, a nominator can do a few things to help their candidate standout.

  1. Read.
    Carefully read any instructions or criteria before submitting a nomination.
  2. Answer.
    Be sure to directly answer any questions or how a candidate meets the outlined criteria in your nomination.
  3. Be specific.
    Provide specific examples of how the candidate meets the nomination criteria and is worthy of the honor or how they would add value in a leadership role.
  4. Support.
    Some nomination processes require letters of support and some only recommend their inclusion. A nominator should take advantage of every opportunity to provide more information on a candidate. Letters of support should be given the same level of attention as the original nomination. Seek out supporters who can provide additional detail on the candidate and perhaps offer a different perspective on how the candidate meets the criteria. Having multiple people sign the same form letter does not provide new details on the nominee. The more information provided to a selection committee the better understanding they have of the candidate as a whole.
  5. Deadlines.
    Review deadlines and adhere to them. If you are contacting others to provide letters of support, contact them early to allow them time to formulate their submission.